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Soft Washing – Not Just For Roofs!

It’s spreading across the country like wildfire – Soft Washing is the new craze. Soft washing is cleaning something with hardly any pressure, gently yet effectively removing any dirt, grime and algae. Using similar mixes to the ones for washing … Continue reading

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Do Roof Algae Resistant Shingles Still Require Cleaning?

Roof algae are a country-wide issue. In case you didn’t notice, algae were not an issue on asphalt shingles 30 years ago. At a certain point along the road the shingle manufacturers decided that adding Limestone as a filler in … Continue reading

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Why Roof Pressure Washing Should Be Low Pressure Washing

In this article I am going to talk to more about how much pressure is adequate to properly clean a roof and why high powered roof pressure washing is never a good idea. There’s more than one way to skin … Continue reading

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