Roof Cleaning Chemicals Can Help You Sell Your House

With the housing market in one of its worst slumps in decades, many homeowners that are trying to sell are brainstorming creative ways to differentiate their home from the rest.  Some have the interior painted, some work on the landscaping, while others will actually go so far as to throw in gifts like electronics and furniture.  But very rarely does it occur to these folks that their filthy, algae-covered roof is probably keeping the buyers away!

Sell Your House With A Roof CleaningImagine a potential buyer pulling into the driveway of an otherwise beautiful home, but the roof is covered in some kind of mystery “black stuff”.  They’re going to think to themselves that the roof is sick and may even need replacing (although it just needs a cleaning).  They’ll be adding up the cost of a new roof before they’ve even stepped foot in the house!  How’s that for lousy curb appeal!  Sellers can’t afford to be this careless with how the exterior of their home looks.  That bad “first impression” that the potential buyer has will often times trump any upgrades or features that are inside the house.  Roof stains and/or moss could also catch the attention of a home inspector who might decide to make negative comments about it to his clients, who in turn might offer less than they would otherwise.

The answer, of course, is to clean your roof before it goes on the market with quality, industry-proven roof cleaning chemicals.  Or better yet, save yourself the time and risk and hire a professional who utilizes the low-pressure techniques that we recommend on this site.  That $300 to $600 that you spend on a roof cleaning could garner you an extra $5,000 to $10,000 or more when it comes time to sell as a result of perceived greater value (new-looking roof = healthy roof!), and it doesn’t take a financial genius to see that that’s quite a return on your investment.

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2 Responses to Roof Cleaning Chemicals Can Help You Sell Your House

  1. Mike says:

    Great site. personally cleaned my own roof here in st louis. No roofing supply house or any of my roof contractor could give me any info on how to remove the mold. So i did it myself with bleach as you suggested. Actually we had it pretty bad so i tried the liquid chlorine that goes in our pool and that works even better then normal bleach.
    Question for you, do you know of any sites that would have any brochures or mailers for this type of service? Thanks

  2. Zach Maynard says:

    I have not heard of any, if you are looking for a roof cleaning professional just let us know. If we can help you then we will.

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