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Caretaker Services LLC

Myrtle Beach SC 29576

Phone: 843-602-0821


Areas Served: Horry County. Georgetown County. Florence County.

Services Offered:
Soft Wash
Caretaker Services provides Myrtle Beach pressure washing services using low pressure. With low pressure washing, house exteriors can be safely and effectively cleaned. It is a safe and effective way to remove mold, mildew, and dirt from your home without harming the exterior of your home. Using high pressure to clean your home’s exterior may cause damage to the windows and add years of wear to the exterior of your home. Let us show you the difference that low pressure can make.

Myrtle Beach Roof Washing
Caretaker Services also specializes in Non-Pressure Roof Washing. We use no pressure and our special detergents to gently wash away those ugly black streaks that are bringing your houses curb appeal down. Let us use our proven technique to make your roof look new  again.

Myrtle Beach Gutter Cleaning
Caretaker Services provides a superb inside and outside gutter cleaning service. Those ugly streaks on the gutter will be removed with our special detergents and surfactants. As for the overflowing gutters, we will remove all the buildup inside the gutter and haul away the debris so that your gutter works properly. In addition to cleaning we can also install gutter guards that will help prevent build up of debris in your gutter. Take advantage of our affordable gutter and roof cleaning services. Call 843-602-0821 for a free quote.

Services provided to residential and commercial customers.

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