Soft Washing – Not Just For Roofs!

It’s spreading across the country like wildfire – Soft Washing is the new craze. Soft washing is cleaning something with hardly any pressure, gently yet effectively removing any dirt, grime and algae. Using similar mixes to the ones for washing roofs you can wash almost any type of siding although typically there is more water in the mix. Whether its vinyl siding, stucco, fiber cement siding or even cedar shingles the results speak for themselves.

Soft Wash Cleaning, left side cleaned the right side is not

The only time I even break out my pressure washer lately is to clean brick or to clean walkways and driveways. Now I am in the roof and house washing business so the pressure washer is seeing less and less time on the job. It may be different for other trades that do duct cleaning or have other endeavors but not for us! There is no need to risk damaging our customer’s properties when all you need is about 60 PSI and the right ingredients! This is why pressure washing contractors all across the country are adding this setup to their cleaning rigs. It in an inexpensive setup that will help any business to expand.

Soft washing is a great way to earn a living and to grow your customer base. Once you start giving amazing results the calls will start to come in. There is nothing like having a happy customer who has a huge smile across their face! Almost every customer whose home I clean or whose roof I clean is ecstatic about the results.

There are a lot of companies that are stuck in their ways and will never put down the high pressure, and that is fine. Although give yourself the opportunity to have better and longer lasting house washing results. I have seen many homes where they had hired a pressure washer in the past, and just a year later the algae has already returned! This is because they did not even kill the algae! They just used their high pressure and blasted it all over the place, whether its onto the roof, your car or just under the siding. When this happens the algae does not need to travel very far to grow again. When using the soft wash methods shown here, the algae is completely eradicated! It needs to start all over and this can take years to happen. Due to this you can offer warranties that the others can’t and feel safe to do so.

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