About RoofCleaningChemicals.com

RoofCleaningChemicals.com was established in 2008.  We started this site with the humble goal of educating the public and other contractors about the proper procedures for cleaning a roof.  As time went on the site’s popularity exploded.

Today it is considered the world’s most authoritative website on roof cleaning, and receives up to 6000 unique visitors a month.  Keeping up with all the emails we now receive is quite a challenge, but we still enjoy helping those who have a genuine interest in the subject.  Roof cleaning can give your home a beautiful new look and this site is meant to help you in your journey.

If you’d rather find a local contractor to clean your roof for you (wise move), then have a look at our ever-expanding roof cleaning directory.  These are professionals who know what they’re doing and operate in a safe manner.  Roof cleaning is a dangerous business and should be approached with extreme caution and preparation.

Well, thanks for stopping by.  I encourage you to read all the posts on this site, and if you still have a question then you can drop us a line!

Roof Cleaning Chemicals Team