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Hello there!  My name is Zach Maynard and I am a lifetime resident of Massachusetts. I was born and raised in Weymouth and only moved when I met my wife. Now I am a resident of Wareham, Mass “The Gateway to Cape Cod!” I graduated from the South Shore Vocational Technical Institute in Hanover where I gained a lot of knowledge about construction. Although, most of my knowledge and training came from my Father Glenn Maynard who has a residential construction company in the South Shore.

After I graduated, I moved to the Cape Cod area. While still doing work for my Father, I started to take on my own projects. Where I began getting a feel for the business from a completely different point of view. I officially started A to Z Roofing in 2004 and have not looked back!

Now I am happily married to an amazing woman. Christina is the Mother of my 2 children (soon to be 3). She is the person who is always behind me, in all my decisions. For she knows that I can do whatever I want to do in life…as long as I put my mind to it! My 2 boys are the driving force that keep me grounded and give me all the motivation that I could ever need to work as hard as I do.

I have been in construction since I was a boy and have construction in my genes! Once I went on my own with A to Z Roofing I noticed I was getting a lot of phone calls to replace roofs that were not leaking but they were filthy. I would also get calls to replace roofs that were ruined by a pressure washer, so I went on an informational mission! When I first started I did not have websites like this so there was a lot to learn and a lot of mistakes to make. I started with a pump up sprayer and a bottle of Clorox!

Now let’s fast forward a bit. I have added Certified Roof Cleaning as a division of A to Z Roofing and have a full time dedicated roof cleaning and roof washing trailer. My company is the first and only certified roof cleaning company in the state of Massachusetts. We offer roof cleaning in Cape Cod all the way to Boston, Mass.

Thank you for taking the time to read some of my story!

If you have a roof cleaning question not already addressed on the site, you can contact me at or better yet sign up for an in-depth roof cleaning consultation to really jump start your roof cleaning business!

18 Responses to Zach Maynard – Our Certified Roof Cleaning Expert

  1. Steve Satterwhite says:

    I want to get into this business in Rochester NY because I see dirty roofs everywhere! I read your info and I am very impressed. I have also reviewed both “Roof Shampoo” and Spray and Forget. I am confused on how to proceed. Would you be kind enough to call me tomorrow at either 10:30 or at 12:45 at 585-703-1982? Do you ever consult? Thanks!

  2. Zach Maynard says:

    Steve please email me at so we can discuss this further.

  3. Zach Maynard says:

    Roof Shampoo and Spray and Forget are not the way to go. They are cleaning products that WILL NOT work as intended. They are also not recommended by the roofing manufacturers. Tread Carefully! Most of the time the companies that use these products couple them with the use of a pressure washer. That should say it all.

  4. Tim H. says:

    Great website Zach! Do you have any recommendations for a surfactant to use in the mix on those steep pitch roofs?

  5. Zach Maynard says:

    Feel free to email me at Tim.

  6. Tony Carlisle says:

    I’m sure that you have expained this in oneof your articles, but what do you think about using a Devalan fat boy pump with a 5/8 hose?

  7. Zach Maynard says:

    Hi Tony,
    I think that can be an excellent setup. Shoot me an email if you are looking for a great distributor.

  8. David T. Bellingham says:

    Hello I thank you for being a pioneer in this growing industry. I live in northwest Pennsylvania near lake Erie. We have tons of blue green algae a.k.a. (gm) moss etc. Due too the shade moisture limestone in the manufacturing process in the shingle making . I have been cleaning roofs for a year now I apply a mixture of bleat/ water/ tsp/ spray and forget with a garden pump sprayer . I let it set on the roof about a half hr. Then fire up my homelite 2700 psi pressure washer( not recommended by you) .I have not bought a pitch witch yet although considering it so I don’t hAve to climb as many roofs and I ca complete the job faster. What do I need to soft wash I guess? Thank you for your time. I am the only guy out there cleaning roofs which is nice and profitable but I want to do it a better way if possible (814)439-0762 David T. Bellingham owner….cornerstone services

    • Zach Maynard says:

      I would not use the spray and forget! It is not recommend by the shingle manufacturers so its a no-go.
      All you need to clean these roofs is the proper mixture of bleach and water. If you are looking for more assistance beyond this advise I recommend one of our consultations. It will put you on the road to a more profitable business and you will learn how to get better results using NO PRESSURE!

  9. barry henry, barry henry home painting says:

    Zack enjoyed your info on the site i am starting a part time roof cleaning business to add with my painting company. I would preferably like to stay off the roofs as much as possible ,looking at your set up for washing&rinsing how far will the spray reach in maximum distance? thanx Barry.

  10. Sciulli Contracting Inc says:

    Zach,, I been on many site looking for a great product to start out with cleaning roofs
    can you guide me to a good save product to use. Also how do I become a Certified Roof Cleaning agent/company Looking for more info on your setup that’s sprays 45 ft
    PGH PA

    • Zach Maynard says:

      There is only one way to clean a roof, and its not with any over the counter product! Bleach is the only way to clean a roof safely. If you are looking for info on how to start up your company then I would suggest a consultation. It is simply far to much to type.
      Good luck Anthony.

      • Dennis says:

        Am working on a vision, mission statement, & business plan to jump-start this small business. How much for a consultation?

  11. Arlene burns says:

    I live in retirement community,where we all own our own homes and share our mutual problems. I serve on the Architectural Control Committee which tries to aid our residents in selecting repairs etc. We all have black roof mold and some residents have used companies who use pressure and chemicals to remedy the problem. We are seeking the best advice for our homeowners and having read your solution, I am impressed. Is there a company in our area you might recommend? We have 400 homes in our community and most owners are age 60 and over. Four Seasons at Wall located near Manasquan,N.J. 08736

  12. Dennis says:

    Is there a fee for the consultation?

    • Zach Maynard says:

      I would be happy to discuss every aspect of the consultation with you any time! Click on the “Contact us” tab at the top of the page and we can go from there.

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