Roof Cleaning Business Consultations

We’re very pleased to announce that Roof Cleaning Chemicals is now offering consultation services by our experienced and certified roof cleaner, Zach Maynard!  If you want to know how to start a roof cleaning business or interested in becoming a professional roof cleaner, we can help you. We can also help roof cleaners already in businesses that need some assistance or guidance.

We are offering a full 45-minute consultation. The consultations are available via Skype, Face time, or by phone if you don’t have a web cam. The roof cleaning consultation will not be cut off at the 45 minute mark if we are still discussing your business! It is okay if it runs a bit over.

Consultation Topics Include:

  1. How to start your new business
  2. Start-up costs
  3. What equipment to buy
  4. Chemical application
  5. Which chemicals to use and which to avoid
  6. Best place to acquire proper insurance
  7. Safety
  8. Managing employees
  9. Dealing with customers
  10. Website setup
  11. How to market your business

And whatever other questions you may have!

Zach’s ear is yours for only $174.95. If this consultation is for your business it should be fully tax deductible (check with your CPA).

The amount of time and money this consultation will save you will easily pay for itself tenfold!  Don’t learn the hard way – Zach has already done the hard work for you.

To order, click on the Buy Now button below to submit payment. Then simply e-mail Zach ( to book a time for your consultation and include your PayPal transaction ID for verification.   We normally should be able to book your consultation to occur within 3 business days.  If you have any questions prior to ordering please feel free to contact Zach any time.

Roof Cleaning Consultation – $174.95

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  1. Don Kirkland says:

    Thank you for responding so promptly to my inquiry about my business start up. The information that you gave me saved me time, trouble and money. Our phone conversation was very informative and your information was very professional and I enjoyed our discussion. I would encourage anyone who needs correct advice about roof and exterior cleaning to contact you for a consultation. The consultation fee was $174.95, the information was priceless. Thanks again!


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